No More Excuses

one day or day one you decide

So, here it is…Many years ago, the Lord specifically laid it upon my heart to start a blog. I obediently followed His leading, but have since used every excuse in the book to not follow through. I’ve told myself that I’m too busy. No one wants to read what you write. When summer comes, I’ll have more time. I’m not really sure how to manage the website. It doesn’t look pretty enough. It isn’t truly an expression of me. Who would read it? Do I really want to share personal things about myself? What if people really discover how truly imperfect I am? Am I an authority to write about anything? What if I there is a typo I don’t catch? Maybe I should go jogging, instead. Instead of being transparent, I was striving for perfection. Meanwhile, there has ever been burning within me, this need to write and create. To express by observations of God’s goodness and faithfulness in concrete ways. Truly, the thought of expressing HIS goodness makes me giddy!

On just about any given morning, you’ll find me tucked away, in my pantry, of all places, with my Bible, journal, my purple pen, and of course a cup of coffee, with just the right amount of cream. It is in this place that I meet the Lord. It is in this place that my heart is filled and my anxiety is tempered. With a purple pen in hand, I record my prayers, reflections, quotes, verses and things to remember. I don’t know why, but I only write in my journal in purple ink. It is just my thing… My closet is filled with journals filled my musings recorded in purple. My sweet niece, Annie, once pointed out that purple is the color for royalty in the Bible. I like to think that I’m bringing a royal sacrifice to my Lord each day! If my little pantry could talk, it could tell of the tears I’ve cried, both of joy and pain. It would tell you how I greatly delight in praying specific prayers for each of my boys and my husband everyday. It would tell you how I’ve struggled with forgiveness, and lifted up friends in need. Within my prayer journals are words that have brought insight and comfort. They are my treasure trove of memories and a record of God’s faithfulness. While reflecting over this break, God has convicted me of my selfishness and insecurity. Why would I not share of HIS goodness? In a world that is hurting and in need of encouragement, that is what I hope to offer. Perhaps, we can offer it to each other.

This blog was originally created to specifically encourage Christian educators, hence the name, “The Reason We Teach!” However, if you call yourself a Christian, then you are a teacher. Some one is looking to you to be an example. Some one is looking to you to show kindness. You are a leader! As Christians we have a direct line to THE wellspring of hope. We must encourage each other. What if we started to see everyone that we encounter each day through Christ’s eyes? My hope, as an educator, is that we will see every student who walks through our classroom door, as His creation. What hidden potential has God placed in each of us? This world we live in is harsh, so we need to daily challenge each other to keep our eyes on Christ! He is the author and perfecter of our faith!

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So, imperfectly I come and ask you to walk along with my on this journey called life! We can remind each other that the King of the Universe is the author of our days and perfecter of our imperfect faith!

With Much Love… Tammy

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