My name is Tammy Morgan and I have been blessed to be an educator for almost twenty years.  Currently, I serve as a school administrator in a small Texas town. Outside of my school-world, I’m a wife and mother of three unique boys.  If I may borrow a line from the Pioneer Woman, I am an “Accidental Country Girl” as well. I believe that God truly gets a chuckle daily seeing this city-raised girl try to adjust to life in the country and to a male-dominated household. It isn’t exactly how I imagined life would be…but it is better than I ever could have dreamed! Somehow, God knew exactly what I needed! I treasure my family and love being a wife and mother. The Family!!!

Thanks to my third grade teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Trower, I’ve known I wanted to be an educator since I was eight. I started this blog because I believe that the role of the teacher is growing more complex and demanding every year. Teachers need a place to share their thoughts and find encouragement from God’s Word. It is my hope and prayer that “The Reason We Teach” blog will be a source of affirmation and a place to share and connect with other Christian educators. The reason we teach is to fulfill the calling that God has placed upon our lives. May we collectively bring Him glory, and change the lives of countless students because we’ve dedicated our lives to Him and to this high calling!

My favorite guys in the whole world!

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